Musée national de la marine / OPPIC



Hugues Fontenas

assistant architects

Nolwenn Caillard, Laure Lienard



RFR GO / C&E Ingénierie (structure), Espace temps (mechanics), RFR Éléments (environment).

cost surveyor


graphic design

Atelier à Kiko

site coordinator



floor area

9 706  m2



6 191 000 € HT



 2012-2015 (completed)



Conservation centre for the storage and study of objects in the collections of the National Navy Museum. The centre is to be built inside a former airport hangar on the site of Le Bourget airport near Paris. Logistics office for preparation and transit of objects, warehouses, workshops, photography studio, model building and restoration studio, study room, documentation centre, administrative offices.


architectural design

Two new volumes constructed under the roof of the existing hangar on either sides of an internal street bathed in natural light. These structures present two types of architecture: a closed metal volume for the storage spaces ; a translucent or transparent volume for study and working rooms. The void  between the existing hangar structure and the new volumes offers an intermediate climate which reduces  installations needed for mechanical climate control.
The new structure and added floors are conceived for both inertness and lightness in order to control the storage climate and avoid any additional foundations.



Musée national de la Marine / A. Fux

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