City of Soissons



Hugues Fontenas

assistant architects

Benjamin Herr, Thomas David.




floor areaace

2 437 m2


building cost

3 642 000 €



2017 –  2019



House of associations with co-working area, café, reception offices, modular meeting rooms for 25 to 200 people.
Local police headquarters and supervision center.



The building of the house of associations is conceived as a “building site” in response to a complex program and in order to favor a diversity and a freedom of uses.
Three floors of 50 m of length and 14 m of wide are arranged along the street. On each floor a different constructive mode responds to the various requirements : open spaces for the reception and co-working areas and the café, with large outdoor connections ; modular-walls for meeting rooms along a large foyer on the first floor ; prefabricated wood construction for offices and small meeting rooms on the terrace of the last level.
Located across a new urban development in the fringe of the city center, the architecture is like an urban showcase.


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